About Us

Mission and Vision

At JV Watchmakers, our mission is to provide exceptional watch repair services and help watch enthusiasts foster a lasting connection with their timepieces. We envision a world where watches are not merely accessories but cherished heirlooms, meticulously cared for and maintained for generations to come.


Established in 1968, JV Watchmakers has been at the forefront of the watch repair industry for over five decades. With a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques, we have earned an exemplary reputation as one of the most trusted names in watch repairs. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to serve countless clients, forging lasting relationships along the way.

Founder – Mary Lawson

Mary Lawson, the driving force behind JV Watchmakers, has been an integral part of the company since its inception. With a profound passion for watches and a deep understanding of horology, Mary has led the company from its humble beginnings to its current esteemed position in the watch repair business. Her unparalleled expertise and dedication continue to be the heart and soul of JV Watchmakers to this day.

The Website

To further expand our reach and serve a wider audience of watch enthusiasts, JV Watchmakers has embarked on an exciting digital journey. Our new website is a testament to our commitment to electrifying this traditional industry, providing an immersive online platform for user convenience while maintaining our outstanding craftsmanship.


The primary objective of our website is to offer watch enthusiasts an engaging online space that caters to their repair and maintenance needs with the highest level of professionalism. Our digital home seeks to uphold the same level of integrity and craftsmanship that powers JV Watchmakers in the physical world.

Target Audience

Our platform caters to all watch enthusiasts — from dedicated collectors to first-time buyers seeking to safeguard their cherished timepieces. With a discerning eye for service, we embrace diverse watch brands, both luxury and everyday, ensuring no timepiece is left behind.

Unique Value

What sets us apart is our team of experienced and highly skilled watch repair experts who possess a mastery of their craft. Armed with a deep understanding of intricate timepiece mechanics, our watchmakers can revive vintage watches, restore damaged pieces, and perform meticulous repairs – all while adhering to stringent quality standards. Additionally, our website serves as an all-encompassing resource that offers valuable advice, insights, and trending information for watch enthusiasts worldwide.

Join us on this horological voyage, where precision meets passion, and we ignite a thriving watch community like no other. JV Watchmakers is dedicated to delivering unparalleled service, keeping time past, present, and future alive with utmost precision and respect.

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