We are the

to Craftmanship

Middlemen. Inconsistent standards. Long turnaround times (or turnaround times that are never confirmed)…

There are many problems you can encounter when simply seeking a luxury watch repair service. After 30 years in this industry, we’ve heard all about them. We hear about some horror stories, frustrating inconveniences and (almost always) a lack of information around repair procedures, processes and parts.

We’ve been driven by simplifying the repair process ever since we first opened the doors of our Hamilton store. After all, luxury watches are designed to be enjoyed. So allow us to take you through the repair journey. Because…

Getting your watch repaired shouldn’t be so damn difficult.


Real-time Repair Tracking

We respect time… yours and ours. And as you’re now well-aware, repairing the world’s finest watches requires deep focus and incredible concentration. Which is why we take great care in managing our time to best enable us to restore your precious timepiece.

Our real-time repair tracker keeps you informed every single step of the way.

Our big idea is a client-centred approach to luxury watch repairs…

…with you in control


A Life of Passion

Richard Ponton has watch oil in his veins and mechanical wristwatches in his heart. Having learnt to repair mechanical watches at an early age, he repaired his first Rolex at nineteen, under the watchful eye of his Master Watchmaker Vincent Light FBHI. Richard has been the leading watchmaker in the business for over 25 years, specialising in luxury Swiss watches and in particular Rolex – fuelled by a passion and enthusiasm for mechanical watches.