“Getting your watch repaired shouldn’t be so damn difficult.”

Every idea starts with a problem.

This was ours.

After moving across the U.K, and away from their local watchmaker,

Two brothers began to complain over a whisky one evening.

Why was it so damn difficult to find someone near by to service their precious watch collection.

They could either go through a retail middleman or take a chance with a non certified tinkerer.

Each option producing its own set of frustrations.

As lifelong watch geeks the brothers spoke at length about their idea to one day open up their own workshop.

Combining traditional craft with the modern convenience of e-commerce.

Bringing a qualified watchmaker to you. No matter where you lived in the U.K.

No hassle. No middlemen.

It wasn’t until a trip home in 2014, and a visit to their trusted family watchmaker, that the opportunity arose to turn these ideas into reality.

Mr Light, after founding the business in 1987, was looking to hang up his loupe.

However, he couldn’t stand the thought of pulling the shutters down on the business he built up.

It was the opportunity they were waiting for. The brothers, Greg and Paul, invested in the business the next week.

Relaunching soon after as JON, in honour of the fine reputation the name Jon Vincent had earned over 30 years in watchmaking.

That initial frustration the brothers felt about accessing quality watch repairs has driven every decision the company has made ever since.

From building a state of the art workshop and gaining accreditation from the world’s finest watchmakers, to developing the first secure watch collection service from any address in the U.K.

The constant drive to simplify the repair process has established JON as one of the highest rated independent workshops in the U.K.

Luxury watches are designed to be enjoyed. Not inconvenienced by.

We get your watch back on your wrist, where it belongs, with minimal hassle.