Watches to Pair with London Fashion Week’s AW18 Trends

‘It’s never too late to modernise your watch collection or revive an old model that hasn’t gotten proper wrist time in recent years. Let these five AW18 trends inspire you and your watch collection this year.’

Each season, some of fashion’s most elite flock to London for Fashion Week. The year kicked off with a showcase of the men’s collections in January. Now, the women’s collections have just debuted, and the results are in. The trends have been set for Autumn/Winter 2018.

Perhaps you’re scouting out your next watch purchase for the year. Maybe you have trouble deciding which watch to bring into rotation from your collection. Or you might be looking for a new watch accessory to update one of your favourite models. It’s never too late to modernise your watch collection or revive an old model that hasn’t gotten proper wrist time in recent years. Let these five AW18 trends inspire you and your watch collection this year.

A Rainbow of Colour

Autumn and winter are often a time for neutrals. The colour palette of many cold weather collections can tend to reflect nature, from the changing of leaves to the falling of first snow. However, this year, designers are bringing a brightness to what can be bleak months. Expect to see rainbows of colour from outwear pieces to slacks. And, don’t forget about accessories. The Rolex Datejust is offered in a wide array of colours for both men and women. Whether you prefer blue, green, orange, purple, or pink, your watch can help bring a pop of the rainbow to your Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

The Rolex Datejust in a rainbow of colours

80’s Infusion

Reviving styles from decades past has been in vogue for several seasons. Last year, we saw a return of the 90’s. This year, designers are taking us back one decade. Look out for an 80’s infusion from the bold patterns to the boxy silhouettes that dominated the decade. For the watch industry, the 1980’s were a transitional time. The quartz crisis was beginning to fade and mechanical watches were coming back to the forefront. And in 1987, in came the Cartier Santos de Galbée. The watch represents the brand’s 80’s spin on the iconic model. It quickly became the ultimate status symbol of the decade and may just do so again this autumn.

The ultimate status symbol of the 80’s and now

Black Monochrome

No autumn or winter wardrobe is complete without its fair share of black. Black basics, like a solid boot or go-to coat, are staples of any closet. As a direct counterpoint to the bright rainbow colours, other designers are showcasing black. Not just black accents – all black everything. We’ve already seen the black monochrome trend from an array of watchmakers over the past several seasons. Although the look was somewhat controversial at first, it has ultimately taken off and taken on a life of its own. Now, many of the top watch brands in the industry have an all-black watch in their offerings. We’re particularly partial to the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch “Dark Side of the Moon.”

Black on black on black

Square Shapes

When it comes to the patterns you can anticipate for AW18, start thinking in squares. From tartan to check and windowpane to houndstooth, designers are in love with all things square this season. Don’t just explore the trend by buying a handsome plaid blazer or trench. Take it a step further with square accessories. Round watches may be traditionally popular, but square faces have an equal place in watchmaking history. The IWC Da Vinci Chronograph is a great example of a classic watch, elevated with a stunning tonneau case. Although most watches in the Da Vinci collection feature a round case, the Chronograph variation gives a nod to the original Da Vinci model, whose case was square.

An elevated square shape

Leather Accents

Leather is another favourite for the autumn and winter seasons. You can’t go wrong with a great pair of leather gloves or sleek leather jacket when the weather gets cold. This coming season, designers are not just focused on leather pieces. Leather accents are expected to adorn items from head to toe. This is great news for watch wearers. All you need to do to up your wrist game is update one of your beloved watches with a leather strap. Prepare to rock your leather look all through the season, and you’re sure to be on trend.

On trend: leather straps

We know you may be looking forward to spring as the first signs of warmer weather start to show. However, it’s never too early to start planning for the year ahead. You might want to start saving up for a new watch or watch accessory to enhance your autumn or winter wardrobe next season. With these five trends, you’re sure to be stylish from wrist to toe.

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