Watch Repairs 101: Crown Replacement

‘At Jon Vincent Watchmakers, watch repairs and maintenance checks are our passion and speciality.

If you’re finding it difficult to set the time on your timepiece, it is quite possible you’re experiencing a crown malfunction. At Jon Vincent Watchmakers, watch repairs and maintenance checks are our passion and speciality. Our fully trained watch technicians perform a wide variety of services. And, crown replacement is among one of the most common repairs we do.



Watch Crown Functions

A proper functioning watch crown is essential to the overall working of your timepiece. Depending on the complexity of the mechanism you own, the crown may not only set the time but also control several other important functions of your wristwatch or pocket watch. The crown is primarily used to wind manual and mechanical watches. However, it can also be used to stop the watch by pulling out the crown. This is often done to make your battery last longer when you are not using your watch.

A typical watch crown is therefore used for the following functions:

  •      Set the time and date
  •      Change the time
  •      Wind the watch
  •      Stop the watch

Types of Watch Crowns

The design of the crown is inherently linked with the general specifications of the watch. For example, if you own a high-performance diver’s watch, then the crown will be necessarily designed to protect and tightly secure the watch from moisture entering the mechanism. In addition, watch crowns can be simple and plain. Or, they can equally be adorned with jewels, and made out of precious materials, such as gold or silver. The colour of the watch crown usually matches the colour of the watch itself. So, gold and silver are unsurprisingly the most popular). Likewise, some crowns of smaller watches are fittingly also very small, while others can be considered ‘oversized’. All this serves to complement the style and intended purpose of the timepiece.

With this in mind, we can separate watch crowns into three most common types. This includes waterproof crowns, dustproof crowns and push button, antique style crowns. While all three categories come in diverse sizes and finishes, they are used in different types of watches. Like the name implies, waterproof crowns are used in water-resistant watches. Whereas dustproof crowns will be usually attached to dress watches, which are generally not water-resistant. Lastly, a push button, antique style crown is used in newer quartz watches, which use a push button to open the cover on the watch.

Common Problems

When a watch crown becomes loose or worn, it is imperative to have it checked and, if needed, replaced to ensure proper functioning of the mechanism. Usually, problems with watch crowns develop over time, with extended use. If the watch is quite new, it may be possible that the crown has been affected due to a knock, in which case your watch can loose the crown or snap the stem. Alternatively, if the crown is left out of the watch, it puts the watch at a risk of letting water and moisture enter the movement. The crown is the gateway to the watch’s delicate inner workings. Therefore, we highly recommend to have it checked immediately, no matter what the reason for the malfunction may be.


In order to maintain the value of your watch, it is important to always use authentic parts. At Jon Vincent Watchmakers, we are an authorised service of OMEGA, IWC, and Cartier, and can therefore easily supply you with all the necessary original parts straight from the manufacturer. We can also easily source original crowns for other luxury brands, including popular names, like Rolex, Tag Heuer, Rado, Longines, and Jaeger-LeCoultre among many others. If you don’t see the brand of your watch listed here, and you’d like to know if we can provide the authentic parts to service your watch, simply contact us, and we’d be happy to help.

Following the crown replacement, we always check the case tube and threads to ensure everything is functioning correctly before we seal it and return to you in perfectly working order.

So, no matter what type of watch you own, our fully accredited workshop and experienced specialists will provide your timepiece with the utmost care. We will ensure that it will run smoothly, to the highest Swiss standards.


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