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‘As genuine watch lovers, we are always on the look-out for like-minded people who share our passion for fine horology.

As genuine watch lovers, we are always on the look-out for like-minded people who share our passion for fine horology. Although we’re a bit partial to our own blog, we still enjoy staying abreast to all the latest happenings in the watch world by reading other blogs in the industry. In this article, we reveal some of our favourite watch blogs and watch platforms, which will help to keep you up-to-date with everything you need to know about watchmaking.




Launched in 2008 by Ben Clymer, a New York based watch aficionado, Hodinkee is among the most popular online watch platforms. It was even recognised by the Times Magazine, who placed it among the ’50 Best Websites of 2013’. With articles covering a diverse range of watches for different budgets, it effectively spreads passion for horology to a mass audience. By following the blog, you’ll be be guaranteed to have all the latest watch news at your fingertips, as the blog is updated daily. It is a particularly useful source for those interested in new watch releases, as well as rare, vintage timepieces. In our opinion, one of the main assets of the blog is that it is written in a way that is equally appealing to watch aficionados as well as to horological laymen. Today, Hodinkee is not only a blog but also an online shop that sells straps and accessories along with an exclusive selection of vintage timepieces.

Bulang & Sons



Bulang & Sons is all about stunning aesthetics, design and impeccable quality. The site features a shop in addition to a blog and was started in 2012, with its foundation based on the personal philosophy and passions of Bernhard Bulang. The ad agency insider is well aware the benefits of flawless presentation, and has effortlessly implemented those into his website. Arguably, this is one of the best watch blogs for fashion orientated audiences. Combining watchmaking and fashionable accessories, it offers a look into the latest designer trends in the world of high-end horology. The publication section of the website offers insightful reviews and watch stories that revolve around luxury lifestyle. Although articles are published less frequently than on other sites, the blog is certainly worth a visit, not least for its stunning visuals.




Another hugely popular watch platform is aBlogtoWatch. It was founded in 2007 by Ariel Adams, a US-based watch enthusiast. Since its early days, it has attracted a wide readership due to its detailed discussions of watch specifications and interesting comparisons. The blog is also noteworthy for its interesting articles concerning current industry trends and insights into the watch market at large. Arguably, the success of the blog lies in the fact that it appeals to a wide audience. It includes information on watches ranging from high-end luxury brands to fairly unknown entry-level pieces. The blog also has an informative YouTube channel that is worth checking out, if you’re looking for hands-on reviews. We highly recommend this blog to all those interested in learning the facts about the latest watch models as well as those wanting to discover rare special editions.

Revolution Watch



Originally a print magazine, the Revolution blog features a wide range of watch-related content from exclusive interviews to backstage auction stories. What really makes them stand out from other blogs is that their detailed articles are always complemented by truly impressive visuals. This comes as no surprise, however, since the printed magazine is famous for their luxury-lifestyle photo shoots. In addition to the blog, the platform also features an online shop consisting of carefully selected new and vintage luxury watches.

Time and Tide Watches



Time+Tide is a watch media platform offering a wide range of information concerning luxury horology. Launched in 2014, it aims at cultivating the love of mechanical timepieces and spreading it among new and existing audiences. It includes watch reviews that are effectively communicated in video form as well as in text. Apart from useful reviews, it also offers refreshing opinion pieces and some truly entertaining celebrity watch trivia. It also features articles covering all the major international watch fairs from recent years, with an in-depth discussion of the most significant horological breakthroughs. Similarly to some of the previously mentioned blogs, Time+Tide also has an online shop selling a variety of watch straps and other accessories.

Since you’re here, you probably share our love and passion for watches and are always hungry for more information. We’re excited for you to continue reading our blog to expand your horological knowledge. However, next time you’re looking for further reading on a particular watch subject, we hope you’ll enjoy these additional resources!


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