Tips for Travelling with Your Watch

‘Whether you’re heading off for a sophisticated city escape, a skiing holiday, or a sun-drenched beach vacation, ensure utmost care of your watches by following these useful travel tips.’

Check the planner

Before you board the plane to your next destination, think about the activities you’ll be doing and what type of watch would be most suitable for the circumstances.

If you intend to attend more formal events, like visiting art galleries or, going to elegant restaurants, we’d recommend bringing a sleek timepiece, like the IWC Portugieser. It will ensure comfort during the day while being versatile enough to show it off at the dinner table.

If you’re planning an outdoors adventure that will involve spending much time in a humid climate, then choose a watch built to withstand challenging weather conditions. While majority of today’s luxury watches claim to be water-resistant to some degree, don’t risk it. Opt for a durable, water and dust-proof watch, such as the stylish OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Master Chronometer.


OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Master Chronometer


Service your watch before you depart

It is a good idea to make a watch service appointment before you leave. This will not only ensure that the watch will function properly but also give you peace of mind that your watch’s water resistance is correctly maintained and safe for swimming.

Consider bringing a GMT watch

If you’ll be flying across time zones, then it’s certainly useful to equip yourself with a GMT watch, such as the Rolex GMT-Master II. This will enable you to easily view the time of your destination while simultaneously track time at home.


Rolex GMT-Master II


Pack a watch case

Whether you’re taking one watch or a few, make sure to put them in a protective case. While there are different types of cases available, we strongly recommend using a watch roll. This will not only keep your watches secure but also help maintain their shape throughout the journey.



Put your watch in a carry-on

Although this is fairly obvious, remember to keep your precious timepieces with you at all times. There have been numerous instances of luggage theft in airports around the world. Spare yourself the worry by either wearing your watch or taking it with you in your carry-on.

Prevent from X-ray radiation

As you approach the security inspection, place your watch securely on the X-ray belt under your bag to minimise the effects of radiation. And don’t forget to pick it up on the other side!

Keep your watch safe

It may be a good idea to ensure your watch prior to your travels. There are various policies offering different degrees of coverage, but most will keep you protected in the case of theft or an accident. Once you arrive at your destination, keep your watch secure by storing it in a hotel safe whenever you’re not wearing it. If you’re travelling to a places with high crime rates, then it may be sensible to rethink bringing your precious timepiece, or at least keep it out of sight in dangerous areasares to avoid theft.

Study the customs rules

As some countries may still have restrictions on importing luxury watches, we strongly advise to study the custom rules. This applies especially to those travelling with multiple watches. In order to prevent a stressful situation at the airport security, wear your watch or have images of the receipts on your phone for to avoid paying extra tax.

Indisputably, travelling with a luxury watch involves some planning and preparation. However, as any watch enthusiast will agree, this is all well worth the pleasures granted by cherishing your favourite pieces in new settings.


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