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How to save money on your Omega Service Cost

What’s an Omega Service Cost likely to be in the U.K?  Where’s the best place to get your Omega watch serviced and back on your wrist looking like new? Your questions answered.

Sooner or later even the finest Swiss watches are going to need a tune up. So what is an Omega watch repair going to cost you and is there any way to save money on the service cost?  Here’s our top tips on making sure you get the best value for money when getting an Omega watch service.

‘Prevention is better than cure’ – How to avoid an extensive Omega service cost

Time waits for no man. One minute your slipping your brand new Omega Speedmaster on your wrist with smug satisfaction, the next your trying to figure out how you managed to add another scratch to the growing collection on your battered watch.

The daily grind has took it’s toll and your once reliable Speedmaster has began to stutter. The best thing you can do at this point is to suck it up and book your Omega in for a complete service.

Seamaster Omega Service cost
Omega Seamaster Quartz Basic Service From – £219.99

Unfortunately there is no magic wand or get our of jail free card when it comes to watch servicing. Owning a luxury watch like an Omega is going to cost you in upkeep. The only thing you can do to take the sting out of the service cost is make sure you don’t leave things until it spirals out of control. You can end up landed with a repair bill costing you almost what you paid for the watch.

Owning a luxury watch like an Omega is going to cost you in upkeep. The only thing you can do to take the sting out of the service cost is make sure you don’t leave things until it spirals out of control. You can end up landed with a repair bill costing you almost what you paid for the watch.

Omega recommends that you service your watch every 3-5 years. If you want to make sure all that overtime you did to pay for your Omega in the first place, wasn’t for nothing, it’s advisable you have it serviced every 5 years at the very minimum.

The reason your omega watch needs serviced is that the lubricating oils inside the movement dry up over time resulting in the parts beginning to wear. If left for an extended period of time more parts will become worn which will result in the repair bill increasing as major parts are not covered in a standard service.

If you stick to a regular service interval an Omega service cost will be in the hundreds instead of in the thousands.

‘Pay Cheap, Pay Twice’ – Why an authorised Omega Service is the way to go?

Over the years we have heard some real horror stories from customers who had their watch ‘serviced’ by the guy down the street or some company they found online. Their main reason for choosing them? Cheapest Price.


The omega service cost to rectify poor watch repairs quickly skyrockets. Generic parts are often used in place of genuine Omega manufactured parts, resulting in your watch losing it’s value. We’ve even had the misfortune, on more than one occasion, of finding parts glued into place.

Speedmaster Omega Service Cost
Omega Speedmaster Basic Service from – £319.99

There are numerous so called ‘watch repairers’ who simply dunk the movement into a cleaning solution and hope for the best. Charging you for the privilege of your omega taking an elaborate bath, with no guarantee the watch repair will last longer than a week.

An authorised Omega service centre on the other hand has undergone stringent testing by Omega. Their workshop has been accredited as a suitable environment to work on the full range of Omega watches.

As part of the authorised omega service centre process, the head watchmaker must travel to Omega HQ to pass a bench test. This is where his or her skills are tested to ensure they have the knowledge and know-how to properly repair and maintain an Omega watch.

Finally the service centre must invest in a range of Omega specific tooling which allows them to correctly service an Omega watch. This ensures the watch is repaired to the exact standards as Omega in Switzerland.

By choosing an official Omega service you can be rest assured that your watch is returned to you in as close to new condition as possible.

‘Good work and fast work don’t go hand in hand’ – An accredited watchmaker is in high demand

If someone is claiming they are able to service your omega and return it to you in a couple of days, I would seriously question their process.

Good watchmakers are very much in high demand. The number of Omega watches sold every year far out weight the number of qualified watchmakers who are able to repair them to tens of thousands to one.

Planet Ocean Omega Service Cost
Omega Planet Ocean Automatic Basic Service Cost – From £319.99

A complete omega service will take an experienced watchmaker up to 4 hours to complete from start to finish. To ensure everything is in order and no further adjustments are required it will remain on test in the workshop for another 5-7 days. Unfortunately there is no way to speed up that process without jeopardising the quality of work. The consolation being, once your watch returns from it’s holiday at the workshop, it’l have it’s showroom shine restored and you’ll remember why you fell in love with your watch in the first place.

Omega Service Price

The cost of your watch service depends on numerous variables such as;

  • Condition of the movement
  • What parts need replaced
  • The material your watch is built from
  • The age of your watch
  • Any additional work you request such as bezel or sapphire crystal replacements.

Once your watch arrives at our workshop, via our free insured courier collection, our master watchmakers get to work creating a diagnostic quote for your approval.

This will break down our recommendations and give you the choice of what work you wish to be carried out on your precious Omega.

Our pricing is extremely competitive and our goal is to get your watch back on your wrist in the most efficient and cost affective way possible.