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JON has been repairing fine watches to an exceptional standard since 1987, reassuring you that your iconic TAG Heuer watch will be perfectly restored to retain its authentic value.

We use strictly genuine TAG Heuer parts in all of our work, putting in the painstaking care to guarantee your celebrated watch will be swiftly back within your collection.

It is often hard to find someone locally that you really trust with your TAG Heuer, so we've ensured a secure postal service that brings an expert watchmaker to you, all across the UK.

What is involved in a TAG Heuer Watch Service?


The watch is broken down and the movement is removed from the case. The bracelet, case, seals and movement are inspected thoroughly to diagnose any issues. We strip the whole movement and the case components.


Every part inside the watch is inspected for wear and anything showing the slightest sign of deterioration is removed and replaced with new parts from the manufacturer. Tolerances inside watches are so fine that even the smallest defect can affect performance.


Once inspected all parts are then put through our ultrasonic cleaner with specialist fluids, which removed old grease from the parts.


After it goes through the cleaning agent and three rinsing agents, it is put through a drying process resulting in a completely clean movement ready for re-assembly and lubricating.


We assemble the movement and fit the dial and hands assuring everything are aligned and then time test the watch to assure it is performing accurately.


The case is reassembled so it is now a watertight empty case. We then pressure test it to the required bar to ensure there are no leaks.


We then move on to the case and bracelet (if the watch has one) which is cleaned and refurbished. We use various polishing, cutting and grinding wheels to remove any small dents, scratches and imperfections where possible, brining the watch as close to new condition as possible.


Watch is reassembled and time tested for the second time and placed on test for 2-3 days on our workshop simulator which slowly moves the watch round in different positions. This allows us to monitor the watches performance and see if any further adjustments are required.

Your TAG Heuer watch must always be diagnostically inspected first to produce an accurate repair quotation, this allows the watchmaker to find out exactly what issues need addressed and price any parts accordingly. However most repairs are covered in a full TAG Heuer watch service price which varies depending on model.

The price is made up of the master watchmaker’s time in servicing the watch (which can take up to 4 hours) and the cost of any parts required to restore performance.

If you are being offered a service for cheaper it would be advisable to proceed with caution. It may be generic parts that are being used in your repair resulting in your watch losing its worth and running into similar problems in the near future.

The old adage holds true for luxury watch ownership, buy cheap, buy twice. Having your watch maintained by an official service centre will ensure your TAG Heuer watch lasts long into the future and retains its value.

The History of TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer History

Founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer, TAG Heuer stands for exceptional performance, reliability, sophisticated technology, and prestige.

Considered to be the leading sports and racing watch brand, TAG Heuer provides prime quality time measuring instruments used in the Olympics, as well as in Formula 1 races. Consistently pushing boundaries, the brand continues to occupy an avant-garde position in technological advancement.

The company originated in St Imer, Switzerland when Eduard Heuer set up the very first workshop. With the launch of its first chronograph mechanism in 1882 (the Monaco V4), Tag Heuer has consistently produced revolutionary automatic movements. In line with the spirit of advancement, in 1895 the brand patented the earliest water-resistant pocket watch.

Following this groundbreaking development, in 1911 TAG Heuer patented the first dashboard chronograph in 1911, designed specifically for aircrafts and automobiles. By 1912 the company was producing ladies wristwatches. Barely two years later, it was producing the very first worn chronographs. The chronographs were truly fascinating timepieces, that came in a silver case, enamelled dial and luminous hands. They featured a pocket watch mechanism, with a crown and integrated button for start, stop and reset located at 12 o’clock.

The true milestone for the company occurred in 1916 with the invention of the Mikrograph and the ‘Microsplit – the worlds first sports stopwatches with a precision of 1/100th of a second. The Microsplit version was particularly advanced, featuring the function to measure two events simultaneously. These new developments revolutionised the watchmaking industry and made TAG Heuer the natural choice for an official timekeeper of Olympic Games since 1920 until 1928. In 1930, the brand produced specialised chronographs for pilots, and in 1933, Heuer introduced the Autavia – the dashboard timer used for automobiles and airplanes. Afterwards, the Monte Carlo and the Master-Time were launched.

By mid-century TAG Heuer gained much popularity amongst enthusiasts of practical sports watches. Its reliability and functionality also found appreciation amongst eminent political figures, becoming a favourite of General Eisenhower, Harry S. Truman, and Prince William of Sweden just to name a few. In 1963 the company launched what would become one of its most sought after models – the Carrera chronograph. Introduced by Jack Heuer as a tribute to Carrera Panamericana Rally of the 50s. This was the first chronograph to feature a pure and functional dial design. An instant success, it remains the watch a world-wide best seller.

The growing esteem of TAG Heuer was further amplified through Steve McQueen’s endorsement of the brand while wearing the Heuer Monaco watch in a movie ‘Le Mans’ in 1971. The line was later called the ‘Steve McQueen Monaco Edition’. Today the brand is mostly recognised for its affiliation with Formula 1. This chapter began in 1992 when TAG Heuer became the official timekeeper of the race, further increasing the company’s status.

In 1999 the TAG Heuer company was purchased by the LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy S.A.), a leading luxury goods company. Today the brand continues to push limits and conventions of Swiss watchmaking. It has defined its own path, and remains true to its founding principles, to never compromise and never crack under pressure.