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Before we delve into our TAG Heuer Watch Repair Guide we thought it best to provide some background to the brand.

A brief History of TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer began as Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG in the swiss town of St-Imier in 1860 founded by Edoward Heuer. Edoward would patent his first chronograph in 1882 and in 1887 patented an 'oscillating pinion' which is still used in chronographs to this day. This pursuit of precision timing continued into the 1950's when the company, now known as Ed. Heuer & Co, served a niche market producing chronographs and hand-held stopwatches. It wasn't until Jack Heuer, the great grandson of the founder, became Managing Director in 1962 that the company really began to prosper. In 1963, he launched the Carrera chronograph, which represented the height of wrist-chronograph technology at that time and for years to come. According to 'Mastering Time', the history of TAG Heuer;



“Jack came up with the idea during an automobile race in the United States — the Sebring 12 Hour Race — for which Heuer was in charge of the official timekeeping. While conversing with driver Pedro Rodriguez, the subject turned to a rally which once took place in Mexico — the Carrera Panamericana Mexico. This race, which was quickly abandoned due to dangerous conditions which the drivers had to face, had originally been planned to promote the Pan-American Highway. Jack went back to Bienne with the name that would symbolise watchmaking perfection throughout the world.”


TAG Heuer Watch Parts

There is a wide range of TAG Heuer watches available today, each with their own unique repair needs.



Mechanical Manual Wind


Mechanical Automatic


Mechanical Chronograph


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