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Getting your Eberhard repaired is a pain, we get that. Since 1987 we've been working on ways to make it as pain free as possible.

  • Our workshop has been inspected and passed to the Eberhard standards, giving you peace of mind that your Eberhard will be restored properly and retain it's value.
  • It's difficult to find a local watchmaker qualified to repair your Eberhard properly. Our secure postal service brings an expert watchmaker to you, no matter where you are in the U.K.
  • Not just anyone can repair your Eberhard, it requires investment in Eberhard specific machinery and tooling to ensure your repair lasts. We've put in the work to guarantee your hard earned money is not wasted on a botched repair.

Eberhard & Co Watch Repair Prices

Eberhard Battery Replacement Cost
Eberhard & Co Battery Replacement

from £80

Eberhard service price
Eberhard & Co Service

from £220

Eberhard & Co Chronograph Service

from £300

All prices and timelines are subject to the inspection of the watch

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All watch repair deliveries are insured to £20,000 and tracked by Royal Mail

Your Eberhard watch must always be diagnostically inspected first to produce an accurate repair quotation, this allows the watchmaker to find out exactly what issues need addressed and price any parts accordingly.

However most repairs are covered in a full Eberhard watch service price which varies depending on model.

The price is made up of the master watchmaker’s time in servicing the watch (which can take up to 4 hours) and the cost of any parts required to restore performance.

If you are being offered a service for cheaper it would be advisable to proceed with caution. It may be generic parts that are being used in your repair resulting in your watch losing its worth and running into similar problems in the near future.

The old adage holds true for luxury watch ownership, buy cheap, buy twice.

Having your watch maintained by an accredited service centre will ensure your your Eberhard watch lasts long into the future and retains its value.

The whole process from receipt acknowledgment of the watch, updates on progress, Final delivery and Quality of repair where first class.It was like getting a new watch .

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  • We contact you when your watch arrives. Then give you a quote for repairs
  • If you want to go ahead, you receive your repaired watch in 21–28 days

Your watch is valuable. And so is your peace of mind. That’s why our postal repair service comes with:

  • Tamper-proof packaging
    Your watch stays safe, secure, and protected at all times
  • Insurance up to £20,000
    This covers your watch while in transit and at our workshop
  • Your watch returned within 21–28 working days
    Repairs guaranteed for up to 2 years
  • Tracked with Royal Mail Special Delivery
    From the moment it leaves your hands until it arrives in ours
  • Free watch guide booklet
    Features expert advice and tips on looking after your luxury watch
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  • How safe is it to send my watch through the post?

    Very. Each year our clients trust us with 1,000+ watches sent this way. We track deliveries from when you leave it with your post office, through any depots, until it arrives in our hands. And while we know watches are often priceless, we will also insure up to £20,000 for your peace of mind.

  • What happens if I don’t want to go ahead with repair?
  • Does my watch repair come with a guarantee?
  • What’s the difference between sending my watch to you or to the manufacturer?
  • How long do repairs take?

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What's involved in a Eberhard & Co Service?

  • 1The watch is broken down and the movement is removed from the case. The bracelet, case, seals and movement are inspected thoroughly to diagnose any issues. We strip the whole movement and the case components.
  • 2Every part inside the watch is inspected for wear and anything showing the slightest sign of deterioration is removed and replaced with new parts from the manufacturer. Tolerances inside watches are so fine that even the smallest defect can affect performance.
  • 3Once inspected all parts are then put through our ultrasonic cleaner with specialist fluids, which removed old grease from the parts.
  • 4After it goes through the cleaning agent and three rinsing agents, it is put through a drying process resulting in a completely clean movement ready for re-assembly and lubricating.
  • 5We assemble the movement and fit the dial and hands assuring everything are aligned and then time test the watch to assure it is performing accurately.
  • 6We then move on to the case and bracelet (if the watch has one) which is cleaned and refurbished. We use various polishing, cutting and grinding wheels to remove any small dents, scratches and imperfections where possible, brining the watch as close to new condition as possible.
  • 7The case is reassembled so it is now a watertight empty case. We then pressure test it to the required bar to ensure there are no leaks.
  • 8Watch is reassembled and time tested for the second time and placed on test for 2-3 days on our workshop simulator which slowly moves the watch round in different positions. This allows us to monitor the watches performance and see if any further adjustments are required.

The whole process from receipt acknowledgment of the watch,updates on progress,Final delivery and Quality of repair where first class.It was like getting a new watch .

Frank Gaskell

Why choose Jon Vincent Watchmakers?

Fully Accredited
Fully Accredited

Fully accredited workshop in the U.K., purpose built to the highest Swiss standards.

Free and Secure Postal Repairs
Free Delivery

Our fully insured & tracked postal packs allow you to send your watch to us from anywhere in the U.K

Official parts and processes
Official Parts

Brand specific tooling and full access to official parts.

Established since 1987
Established 1987

Highly skilled team of watchmakers.

Restore your watch to showroom new

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The History of Eberhard & Co



Eberhard and Co boasts a long tradition of making exquisite timepieces with remarkable precision
and advanced technology. Being a highly regarded luxury Swiss watchmaking brand, its products
adorn the wrists of wealthy clients, from Italian Royal Navy officers to sportsmen alike.

Established in 1887, in La Chaux-de- Fonds by George – Lucien Eberhard, this year celebrates the
brand’s 130th anniversary. Since its early days, Eberhard and Co continues to produce watches that
stand out for their exceptional quality and traditional style. They are created in tribute to the brand’s
remarkable heritage, actively reviving its antique demeanour inspired by classic pocket watches.

The brand is recognised for seeking to bring together comfort and functionality of sportive watches
alongside the elegance associated with dress watches.

In 1894 the brand patented an innovative time-setting system for its pocket watches. This early
development paved the way for a century of technical innovations, achieved by the company.

1919 proved to be a particularly important year for Eberhard and Co, as it saw the launch of the most
advanced wrist chronograph created by the brand’s watchmakers. This reiterated the company’s
ambition to never cease pushing boundaries of horological expertise, and set Eberhard and Co on an
individualised path in the craft.

In 1935 the company once more proved its vanguard position by producing a wholly
unprecedented chronograph which featured two pushbuttons with a stop and start function without

Three years later the brand launches a chronograph with an hour counter, and in 1939 arrived a
wrist chronograph equipped with an innovative fly-back device, which enabled dual time keeping.
During the years of the Second World War Eberhard and Co was also supplying chronographs to
officers of the Italian Royal Navy.

Since 1996, the manufacture has focused primarily on luxury king-size wrist watches, which was
soon followed with the launch of a new Grande Taille (Super Size) collection. In 2001, the brand
introduced the Chrono 4 chronograph wristwatch. It was remarkable for the fact that it was the very
first chronograph to have 4 counters aligned in one row.

Aside from the Chrono 4, the company has designed many other models to answer the specialised
needs of sportsmen, as well as drivers. Amongst these is the Extra-Fort watch. An iconic timepiece
of the 1940s, It was revived in 2012 with the limited-edition ‘125ème Anniversaire’ anniversary
watch with a more contemporary design. It is a skilful blend of technique and class, with timeless

The 8 jours watch is now one of the brands most popular models. It is a classic wristwatch with a
historic feel and an easy to read dial. Apart from its appealing appearance, it comes with an
impressive 8-day power reserve indicator.

Inspired by contemporary femininity, the Gilda line is a harmonious blend of modern practicality
and aesthetic tradition. It features a dial in white mother-of- pearl and eye catching, stylised roman

Eberhard and Co maintains its honourable status as a vanguard watchmaker of the highest calibre. It
stands in league amongst the best watchmaking brands, for its dedication to making exceptional
products out of passion for tradition, timeless elegance, and precision.


Getting your watch repaired is a pain, we get that. Since 1987 we have been working on ways to take the sting out of the process.

Our fast and free repair pack brings an expert watchmaker to your door, with no middle men, saving you precious time and money.

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All watch repair deliveries are insured to £20,000 and tracked by Royal Mail