I’ve damaged my Omega Seamaster Bezel: Replacement Cost Guide

What’s an Omega Seamaster Bezel Replacement cost likely to be in the U.K?  Where can you source an Omega Seamaster Bezel replacement at the best price? Find out below.

You don’t know how you did it. Perhaps last week when you slammed your golf clubs in the boot after a miserable round. Or that bank holiday you had one too many beers with the guys. It doesn’t matter now. It’s happened. Your pride and joy have been scarred. So here you are looking to discover what the damage will be to replace your Seamaster Bezel.  Let’s go over your options to get your omega watch repaired and back on your wrist looking like new.

Should I buy an Omega Seamaster Bezel Replacement from Ebay? – The rise of the Frankenstein Watch


Only £14.99 with free postage. What a deal you begin to think.

But before you go and stockpile Omega bezel inserts for a rainy day have a think about whether or not you want to start devaluing your Omega.

By patching up your Omega with non-genuine parts you quickly wipe hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds off the value of your Omega watch. So while it might seem like a great deal, is it worth your watch becoming worthless to save some money in the short term.

Omega Bezel Replacement

You can purchase a replacement bezel from eBay. Be warned, they recommend you fit it with glue.

The Omega bezel inserts, often manufactured in China, are not made of the high-quality ceramic used by Omega. They are instead cheap coated plastic which will begin to scratch and fade within months. They do however offer some friendly fitting advice – ‘Most of our inserts have the adhesive already on the bezel in the form of very strong sticky back plastic (if not then you can use household glue – NOT superglue).

How very kind of them to steer you away from the superglue.

That being said, it’s your watch, so it’s your call. If your happy to save some money initially to get your Omega looking better and don’t care about the watch retaining its value then it is an option.

eBay: Omega Seamaster Bezel Replacement cost from £14.99

Buying your Omega Seamaster Bezel Replacement direct from Omega

You can, of course, go straight to the source and order your Omega Seamaster Bezel insert direct from Omega.

You will, however, have to arrange to send your watch directly to the main omega service centre in Southampton as they will not distribute parts. Your Seamaster will then be booked into their workflow and be replaced by an expert Omega technician.

Omega Seamaster Bezel Replacement Cost

The cost to replace the ceramic bezel on your Seamaster from Omega will be from £360 plus postage costs

This provides you with peace of mind that your watch retains its authenticity. While this is a great option you must take into consideration postage and insurance costs to send your Omega. Unfortunately replacing the bezel is not included as part of an Omega service cost and is one of the more expensive parts to replace.

Direct from OMEGA: Omega Seamaster Ceramic Bezel Replacement cost from £360 plus postage

Who else can you trust? An Authorised Omega Service Centre, that’s who.

Within the past couple of years, Omega has stopped distributing parts out with their authorised Omega service centre network.  Which means the only place you can be guaranteed that the parts used in your omega repair are genuine is at an authorised service centre like us.

Omega authorised Service Centre

Our official Omega Bezel inserts start from £180

Our workshop and watchmakers have been put through stringent tests by Omega to make sure we know our stuff.  We have been tested and qualified to work on the full range of Omega watches from Seamasters to Speedmasters with full access to all official omega parts.

We can replace all Seamaster bezels in our custom-built watch repair workshop.

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