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Submariner Servicing and Repair

My Submariner needs a service, now what?

Built to plumb the depths of the world’s oceans or reach for the highest peaks of Mount Everest, Rolex watches are some of the most reliable mechanical timepieces in the world—  But they’re not infallible. Whether it’s water creeping in through a faulty gasket or internal components wearing down due to age, there are a number […]

Is My Rolex REAL? How to spot a fake Rolex submariner

Is My Rolex REAL? Spotting a Fake Submariner

As one of the world’s most popular luxury watches, it should come as no surprise that the Rolex Submariner is also one of the most frequently “faked.” From low-budget forgeries to high-end fakes that are practically indistinguishable from the genuine article, there’s a whole ecosystem of fake Submariners that can fool even some of the […]

What to Expect from your Rolex Submariner

What to Expect from Your Rolex Submariner

You’re at the bottom of the ocean on an all-day dive … do you really need to know what the date is? The obvious answer might be “no,” but the Rolex Submariner wasn’t meant just for diving. It was meant to split the gap between dress watches and sports watches and tool watches, providing the […]

Rolex Submariner Repair and Care

3 Easy Steps to Caring for your Rolex Submariner

High Luxury is so often associated with high maintenance … Whether we’re talking about mansions or Ferraris, bespoke suits or superyachts, the upkeep will often cost you more than the initial price after just a few years. Fortunately, your Rolex Submariner is an exception to that rule. Because despite being one of the world’s most […]