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The only thing complicated about our service,
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Repairing an IWC luxury watch

How We Work


Your watch brought to us using the most trusted Royal Mail Special Delivery


Inspect and diagnose the condition of your watch


Provide a course of repair and value for you


Restore your precious watch to fully operating model specifications


Your watch is back on your wrist performing at its best

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Choose a time to book your watch in for repair

We will send you tamper-proof packaging to parcel and send your watch

Your watch is delivered direct to our workshop, fully tracked with up to £20,000 complimentary insurance cover

For insurance purposes you must include your watch case reference and serial number in the “Watch Model” or the “Message” section below

For insurance cover you must email us a picture of the front and back of the watch you are sending in for repair to [email protected]

For insurance cover you must email us a picture of the watch you are sending in for repair sitting inside the packaging that we have sent you to [email protected]

Line 1 Line 2 Town Postcode We will only call you regarding your repair. Anything we should know?


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Certified workshop & watchmakers

2 or 4 years limited warranty (T&Cs apply)

Complimentary Royal Mail Special Delivery to us & return to you

More than 30 years experience

Rated 5 star EXCELLENT on Trustpilot

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Rated Excellent

trustpilot reviews
“After careful consideration I selected JON to carry out that service. 
The customer care was outstanding and I was kept fully informed at every stage of the process.”
Don O’Connell
Omega Owner
“When I found JON on the internet I decided to give them a shot. Best thing I ever did!!”
Reginald Kirton-Vaughan Panerai Owner
“I was somewhat nervous about sending my pride and joy through the post, but they made the whole process very simple and secure.”
Jane Barlow-Kearsley
Rolex Owner
“Whilst having to pay for an unexpected repair came as a bit of a shock, I am very happy with the work done and pleased to know that my watch is now in excellent shape.”
John Lancashire
Cartier Owner
“The service was swift and of a fantastic quality. When my timepiece needs it’s next service there will only be a choice of one place to go.”
Simon Masson
Omega Owner
“Repaired by JON now keeps better time than when new”
W Werner
Omega Owner
“Right from the outset these guys were with me every step of the way totally reassuring and the special pack sent and on return were amazing very trusting honest and helpful”
Nicholas Simcox
Rolex Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is it to send my watch?

Very. Every single day our clients trust us with their watches sent this way. We use a specialist service of the Royal Mail, who specialise in delivering items on time and secure. It is tracked from the second it leaves your possession, direct to our workshop. While we know watches are often priceless, we provide complimentary cover up to £20,000 and can quote for higher amounts if required.

What happens if I don’t want to go ahead with the repair?

No problem. This is available for a small Watchmakers Diagnostic Fee (£39.99 for modern watches | £74.99 for vintage watches) plus an Administration Fee of £24.99.

Does my watch repair come with a guarantee?

Most definitely. The majority of our work is guaranteed up to 24 months, depending on what work has been done, and for select Rolex services we provide an amazing 4 years warranty – the first and only independent service centre to offer this.

How long do repairs take?

We pride ourselves on our industry-leading fast response and repairs. Usually you can expect to have your watch returned to you within 3–4 weeks. Throughout this time you will receive regular text message and email updates, all the way until your watch is back on your wrist.