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A watch complication describes added functions of a timepiece other than simply telling the time. There are common complications you see on timepieces everywhere and then there are those reserved for the finest of haught horology. Let's explore some of the most popular complications.

Dual Time

Getting further complicated is the ability to measure the time in another time zone using the one movement. The GMT complication was made popular by pilots which assisted them in keeping track of two or more timezones. The ultimate of dual time complication is The World Time Zone complication which feature a rotating inner bezel with 24-hour display, part of the watch movement, and an outer bezel, listing the major cities in each of the 24 time zones. The outer bezel is set by the user. The inner bezel, marked to 24, makes on complete revolution per day. You would have to be clocking up some serious air miles to

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Another hugely popular complication is the chronograph which has a stopwatch functionality built into the movement. The chronograph movement has proven tobe extremely poplar and most sought after due in part to it’s long association with motor sport.

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The simplest and most common of complications is the addition of a date function. This can take many forms with the most popular being day date and big date often seen on pilot watches. Rarer and reserved only for extremely high end timepieces is the Perpetual calendar which displays the date, day, month, and year, and even takes into account the leap year. Now that is what we call a complication.

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Traditionally used by sailors calculating tides, the movement may not be as useful in modern settings but it is one of Horology's most beautiful complications showcasing the full, half, quarter or new moon.

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The master of all complications. Invented by A.L. Breguet, the Tourbillon improves the balance of the watch, eliminating timekeeping errors caused by gravity and changing watch positions. A huge amount of skill and time goes into creating these miniature marvels with a price to match.

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