Watches to Pair with London Fashion Week’s AW18 Trends
‘It’s never too late to modernise your watch collection or revive an old model that hasn’t gotten proper wrist time in recent years. Let these five AW18 trends inspire you and your watch collection this year.’
Our Top Pilot’s Watches
‘Depending on one’s particular needs and fashion sense, the watch industry continues to accommodate the demands of even the most fastidious watch aficionados.’
Watch Fundamentals: Outer Components
‘Whether you want to learn more about watches to better understand the services we perform in our workshop or whether you want to learn more about watches out of pure curiosity, we’re excited to share some watch fundamentals, starting with the outer components.’
The History of Partnerships Between Watchmakers and Automobile Manufacturers
Traditional driver’s watches, as well as watches created out of partnership with automotive brands, demonstrate a passion for technological evolution and showcase mechanical design at its finest.
Our Watch Pick of the Month: The Cartier Santos
‘In 1904, Alberto Santos-Dumont approached his friend Louis Cartier about creating a watch optimised for flight. The result was a small watch fitted with a leather strap that could be attached to the wrist with a buckle. It was then the first wristwatch and first pilot watch were born: the Cartier
Tips for Travelling with Your Watch
‘Whether you’re heading off for a sophisticated city escape, a skiing holiday, or a sun-drenched beach vacation, ensure utmost care of your watches by following these useful travel tips.’
7 Watches to Diversify Your Collection in the New Year
‘We’ve compiled seven unique watches to get your wheels turning and help you diversify your collection in the New Year.’
Brand Profile: History of Rolex
‘The “king of watches” maintains its leading position by showing an unceasing ambition to set new limits in mechanical innovation.’