Our Top 6 Diving Watches

‘Since the 1950s, diving watches have become an increasingly popular style. They are instantly recognisable for their bold and chunky appearance, designed to withstand challenging conditions and extreme pressures while travelling deep below the water’s surface.’
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Steve McQueen’s Watch Profile

‘Defiance of authority, nonchalance and macho style – these are the defining traits of Steve McQueen. An undisputed idol of the 1960s pop culture, McQueen was a trendsetter whose fame and influence lives on.’
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The Success Story of Rolex S.A.

Over the years, Rolex has established itself as the ultimate luxury watchmaker. Since its founding by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davies in 1905, the brand has earned an honourable reputation, and has consistently occupied top positions in customer trust and satisfaction rankings. Today Rolex is the largest single luxury watch brand, producing about 2,000 watches per day. All this begs the question – what is it that truly distinguishes Rolex from its competitors? Read more

How to save money on your Omega Service Cost

What’s an Omega Service Cost likely to be in the U.K?  Where’s the best place to get your Omega watch serviced and back on your wrist looking like new? Your questions answered.

Sooner or later even the finest Swiss watches are going to need a tune up. So what is an Omega watch repair going to cost you and is there any way to save money on the service cost?  Here’s our top tips on making sure you get the best value for money when getting an Omega watch service.
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I’ve damaged my Omega Seamaster Bezel: Replacement Cost Guide

What’s an Omega Seamaster Bezel Replacement cost likely to be in the U.K?  Where can you source an Omega Seamaster Bezel replacement at the best price? Find out below.

You don’t know how you did it. Perhaps last week when you slammed your golf clubs in the boot after a miserable round. Or that bank holiday you had one too many beers with the guys. It doesn’t matter now. It’s happened. Your pride and joy has been scarred. So here you are looking to discover what the damage will be to replace your Seamaster Bezel.  Let’s go over your options to get your omega watch repaired and back on your wrist looking like new.
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Panerai and its Navy Legacy

Founded in Florence in 1860, Panerai is an iconic watchmaking brand with a fascinating legacy. Considered to be one of the world’s finest watchmakers, until recently Panerai has been a military top secret, producing submersible timepieces and other luminescent equipment for the Italian Royal Navy.
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History of IWC Ingenieur

Since its original release more than 60 years ago, the IWC Ingenieur has not only undergone numerous redesigns to catch up with the changing times, but has also broadened its watch family. Despite the diversity, the collection is unified in the spirit of the original model from 1954, and continues to provide functional timepieces made to withstand challenging environments and magnetic fields. Read more