What to Expect from your Rolex Submariner
What to Expect from Your Rolex Submariner
You’re at the bottom of the ocean on an all-day dive … do you really need to know what the date is? The obvious answer might be “no,” but the Rolex Submariner wasn’t meant just for diving. It was meant to split the gap between dress watches and sports watches
Rolex Submariner Repair and Care
3 Easy Steps to Caring for your Rolex Submariner
High Luxury is so often associated with high maintenance … Whether we’re talking about mansions or Ferraris, bespoke suits or superyachts, the upkeep will often cost you more than the initial price after just a few years. Fortunately, your Rolex Submariner is an exception to that rule. Because despite being
I’ve damaged my Omega Seamaster Bezel: Replacement Cost Guide
What’s an Omega Seamaster Bezel Replacement cost likely to be in the U.K?  Where can you source an Omega Seamaster Bezel replacement at the best price? Find out below.
How to save money on your Omega Service Cost
What’s an Omega Service Cost likely to be in the U.K?  Where’s the best place to get your Omega watch serviced and back on your wrist looking like new? Your questions answered. Sooner or later even the finest Swiss watches are going to need a tune up. So what is an Omega
Watch among golf balls
Top Performing Athletes and Their Watches
‘Top-performing celebrity sportsmen and women have been recognised as a branding opportunity by many luxury goods companies who are eager to sponsor them through lucrative endorsements deals. In addition, thanks to these collaborations many high-profile athletes have developed a taste for fine horology and continue to spend their hard earned
Bremont Watch
History of Bremont
‘Founded in 2002 by brothers Nick and Giles English, Bremont Watch Company offers luxurious timepieces crafted in tribute to traditional horology and vintage aviation. Established out of genuine passion for all things mechanical, Bremont brings together the aesthetics of historic aircrafts and the latest watchmaking technology.‘
Omega Watch
5 of the Best Space Inspired Watches
‘The cosmic universe beyond our world has influenced and inspired watchmakers for decades. Here, we’ll take a look at five of the best space inspired watches ever made.’
Watch Repairs 101: Dial Restoration
‘Depending on the age and wear of your timepiece, it may appear to have lost its original lustre. Most often, this is caused by high sun exposure and long term salt water damage. In severe cases, this can cause the watch dial to become faint in colour and even  chip.